Dear Hikers!

Welcome to the website of “pedibus migrantes”, the hiking group of the Studentenwerk Dresden! Under the guidance of the hiking leaders Robert Wendelmuth and Thomas Worms you will explore the most beautiful regions of Saxony by bus, train and of course on foot.

General info

Each semester, we take about 6 hikes. In addition to the athletic challenge, our hikes serve the purpose of helping you get acquainted with the region. We want to guide you to some of the most beautiful places around Dresden and in the Saxon uplands.

Of course, socializing is also one of our goals. Participants come from various fields of study and make our guided hikes a place for a lively intellectual exchange. The only real requirement for participation is the desire to go hiking!

A few days prior to each hike, we will send you an info mail with the current itinerary for the next tour. After the e-mail is sent, the meeting place and departure time for that hike will not change. Then we will upload all the information to the homepage. If there is no detailed itinerary on the homepage, we have not yet sent out the info mail.

  • Fee to cover costs 1 € per hike + private costs (food, fare)
  • No prior registration is necessary
  • No insurance coverage is offered
  • The fee to cover costs will be collected on each hike

Please bring along:

  • Appropriate clothing and shoes (hiking boots are recommended)
  • ID card
  • A backpack with food
  • A camera if you want
  • Sunscreen and/or a sunhat are recommended in the summer months


Use our contact form if you have any questions.